Subculture with Eugurt Pro and Save - here's how!

  • 1 tbsp virgin eugurt per Starter or Pro Size Pouch

Subculturing is transferring the culture from an existing culture to a new growth medium.  

This is called subculturing or "passaging" the culture.  Subculturing prolongs the life of a culture. 

One of the great benefits of Eugurt is its flexibility... and the ability to subculture successfully is a huge benefit.  

Many cultures are said to be direct-set and they are not meant to be subcultured, or passaged.  

With Eugurt Pro, you can subculture the mix powder with culture from a previous batch of eugurt,

a commercial yogurt culture from either a milk or dairy-free source, or even your own heirloom culture.  

Here's how...

  • Simply take a tablespoon of virgin eugurt and use it to culture your next batch.  This replaces the culture packet.

For best and most consistent results, the eugurt used for subculturing should be untouched. If it has been eaten from the probiotic culture has been altered.

This isn't to say it won't work, but the quality may be affected and you won't get as many passages out of the eugurt.

With that said, even the most diligently maintained culture/subculture will need a refresh.

If you begin to notice your eugurt tastes different, has off flavors, or isn't as fresh - it might be time to re-culture with a direct-set Eugurt Culture.


The 5 pack Eugurt Non-Dairy Starter is provided for this reason.  A single 5 pack will keep in the freezer for 2 years with no loss of activity.