Other Ingredients

Other Ingredients

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Calcium Chloride Soltn 2 oz.

Calcium chloride aids in the formation of your cheese curd when using store-bought milk. Just 1/8-..


Cheese Salt 8 oz.

Eight ounces of fine, flaked, iodine-free salt. Dissolves quickly and is perfect for home cheesemaki..


Citric Acid 6 oz.

Citric acid is used in the making of mozzarella, as well as many other household applications. ..


Feta Kit - Complete Out Of Stock

Maltodextrin by lb.

Maltodextrin adds mouthfeel and smoothness to your brew...


Rennet Tablet(s)

Marschall M-50 Microbial Coagulant Tablets for cheesemaking. Used for curd formation in most types o..


Rice Syrup Solids

Rice solids are used to lighten beer and add body, rice flavor and fermentable sugars...