Custard-style unflavored Eugurt is the most flexible of our offerings as well as being the thickest.  

It does not contain coconut cream powder and so requires a small amount of sugar (1/2 tsp min).  It has 0g fat/ serving.

  • Use a little or a lot of sugar depending on your taste.*
  • Add all your sugar/ sweetener during the make step or do less and add your favorite sweetener or mix-ins after culturing and chilling.*
  • Experiment with mixing-in dried or fresh berries, nuts, etc.

* No sugar needed, but sweeten to taste.  Our starting usage recommendation is to begin with 12g per portion (~1/3 cup per Eugurt) unless adding sweet mix-ins.  For reference, the most popular commercial non-dairy yogurt on the market has 16g of sugar per serving.

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Unflavored - 4 lb (~24 qts)

Best value. Over 150 portions.This would cost you over $200 if you bought the leading commercial bra..